Mineable currency

Bitblocks has its own blockchain on which users can mine the native currency coins, XBB.

Mine, send, and receive XBB coins in the Windows/Linux Bitblocks wallet programs.


About the blockchain

Scrypt Mining

Built on the same secure mining algorithm as Litecoin and Dogecoin.

Genesis block mined: 02/18/2021

Ready to Install

Deployable Linux Application.

Windows application.


- Wrapped transactions on Cardano, Polygon, BSC

100M Max Supply

- 30 second Block target
- 150 Coin Block reward
- Halving every 259,200 blocks

Bitblocks on Cardano

Wrapped Bitblocks

Token Bridge to Cardano

Staking Rewards

Stake and earn rewards on Cardano

Vaults & Deep Liquidity

Vault information coming soon.

Bitblocks DAO

The Bitblocks DAO is governed by XBB holders and governance token holders.

Bitblocks NFT's

Ξ 0.05

Ξ 0.05

Ξ 0.2

Ξ 0.1

Bitblocks NFT's act as multipliers in the yield farming dapp.  Staking with NFT's will yield more DAO governance tokens.

1,000 Unique NFT's made by the Bitblocks Developers.  (Prices displayed are examples).

Ξ 0.05

Ξ 1

Ξ 0.05

Ξ 2

NFT's are stored on IPFS and are assigned a particular rarity.  For example, there will only be 10 Black and White NFT's, and 100 symmetrical NFT's.  The multiplying rate is dependant on the rarity of the NFT.

Coming soon

Let's Get In Touch!

We would like help developing Bitblocks Ethereum dapps.  Would you like to build with us?

Write in discord ✍_teamchat or send us an email and we will get back to you.